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Which are the best mods for world improvement ?

  • Hey, i'm looking for mods that improve the overall experience when freeroaming.
    I'm looking for a mod that improves random events, NPC behaviours or NPC Interactions and other things like that. Does that exist ?

  • World of Variety
    Improved textures
    Lore Friendly wheels pack
    Lively World
    Ambient FX
    World Improvement (map editor)
    Scenario Groups
    Beta vegetation and props
    to name a few I use

  • Thanks ! Vanillaworks extended is currently unavailable, any reason for that ?

  • After working with modding GTA 5 for around a year I can give you some recommendations for mods that work and dont crash your game. I have all this mods installed at the moment and I have tested each mod. Also all mods is kind of balanced, I had to tweak some. I try to avoid all mods that is overpowered, that unbalance the game a lot, or give things for free. My goal is to try to give things purpose and consistency, to create a feeling of progress, give options to player, and to make things a little more challenging.

    Disarm 1.1
    Stance - Crouch/Prone

    Fleeca Bank Robbery
    Ambulance Mini-Missions 1.3
    Enhanced Taxi Missions 1.2
    Car steal missions
    Simeon Repo Missions
    Stealing Cars
    Trucking Missions 1.5
    Delivery Missions
    Low Life Crime 1.1c
    Drug Trafficking
    SafeCracker 1.
    Wildlife Rescue/Recovery Missions [.Net] V0.6
    Home Invasion 1.0

    Community Races 1.3
    Illegal Street Races 1.1
    Street races
    Maps for Community Races 6.0

    Random events/background events:
    Online Random Events for Single Player v1.2
    Drag Meets [Being rewritten] 1.8.1b
    Active Gang Mod 0.3a
    More Random Events 0.1a
    Lively World
    Random Attackings - attacks aimed at you

    Other interesting new things to do:
    Railroad Engineer (train mod with derailment)
    SkateV 1.2
    Sitting mod
    Classic GTA Power-Ups
    Basic Needs [Mod Pack] v1.0

    Faster AI Drivers
    Cop Arrest (IV Style)
    Real Paramedics

    Police and crime
    Better Chases + Arrest Warrant
    Fine-Tuned Felony & Response [+ OIV] 2.4a
    Life Is Not That Easy
    Grand Theft Auto
    Pull Me Over
    Real life 2
    Cops: Back on the Beat 2.0

    Services, shops and things to buy
    Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership 4.0.1
    The Savehouse Mod: Houses, Hotels, Custom Savespots
    Working Taco Trucks 1.0

    Player Location Display 4.00

    Realistic Top Speed and Acceleration (All Vehicles) 3.5
    LeFix Speedometer 1.3.5
    LeFix Simple Fuel
    Towing Service 1.4
    Vehicle Repair Station
    I'm Not MentaL's Persistance Mod [.NET] 1.6.1
    Mors Mutual Insurance - Single Player (MMI-SP)

    Redux 1.4 (also add events and a lot of other things)
    Indian ocean
    Nude Beach Girls (18+) 1.1 (topless)
    Glowing Pickups
    No Waves during Clear Weather
    Natural bigger waves

    More trees, forests, buildings added ingame (YMAP)
    Abandoned Binary | By Axel Fala [YMAP / MENYOO]
    CityLights YMap [Add-on | OIV / Manual]
    Modification Gas Station[Map editor][.XML]
    Chiliad Mountain Wilderness
    Forests of Harmony, Grand Señora & Río Zancudo

    Tools you need to install to make this mods work:
    Script Hook V + Native Trainer
    Community Script Hook V .NET
    LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
    A config file that allow for more diversity and increase number of vehicles, pedestrians. Maybe this is a good start:
    Gameconfig (1.0.1493.0) for Limitless Vehicles & Personal Save Game

    So to the boring part. This game is not made for mods so most mods you add will somehow reduce your fps, so you have to prioritize what you want.
    With all this mods installed and some more on testing I have gone from 120 fps to 70 fps. Most of the mods in my list have little fps impact, but together they will "kill" your fps. A few of this mods can be "exploited" to earn cash and weapons faster than I like, but I use them for options and not for exploiting.

  • @xxx78 Thank you so much great list

  • @Agln

    @xxx78 Thank you so much great list

    np...but I have tweaked several mods to my liking, and many mods have settings and options you can choose between. There is also some overlap between mods, so you should take time to test them out and change settings to your liking.
    If you want some already tweaked files I can share them, but Im not playing latest version of the game, Im playing with the version before so Im unaware of any mod issues since latest update. Im using a tool called GTAVLauncherBypass to stop the game from updating to avoid mod problems that comes with each update, you should seriously use this also.

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