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How spawn a car with a trailer and a boat?

  • Hello guys I've been searching all over and I can't find the way. I install a vehicle ( 1971 Land Rover Series II Model 109A HQ [Add-On] ) everything works good and I can attach trailer in game, but I want to use this one to the fishman job, so I want the car to spawn with a trailer and a boat like dinghy. I tried Flags, items etc... isn't spawning with the trailer. Please help me ( sorry about my english ).



    in vehicles.meta for each vehicle you'll find a <Trailers> and <ExtraTrailers> section

    search the vanilla vehicles.meta in update.rpf to see which trailers names are listed with which vehicle and choose the trailers names you want for your desired vehicle

    the <Trailers> section lists the trailers the vehicle will possibly spawn with when called on in popgroups.ymt and roam the streets
    the <ExtraTrailers> section lists the extra trailers the vehicle will also be able to hitch but those trailers you won't see in traffic automatically

  • @ReNNie thank you so mutch believe me I tryed so hard to make this work but I can't.
    This is the original vehicles.meta file I donwloaded, can I ask you what changes I should do, because I believe the vehicles files I edited is already a big mess.

    ( I tried FLAGS - extra all, extra requires, spawn trailer on city, highway ... nothing is working )

    So this is the part of the original code I believe it make it works please help me. Thank you @ReNNie

    <maxNum value="999" />
    <additionalTrailers />
    <drivers />
    <extraIncludes />

    If it heps I cand send you the original file.
    Thank you one more time!


    ah the lines are set up properly to at least be able to hitch two trailers

    hope I understand you correctly

    but if you spawn it via a trainer (eg sjaak's Simple Trainer with the option 'spawn by model name' you'll first have spawn the 'boattrailer' then the land rover model
    and then you'll be able to hitch the trailer to the car

    it will never spawn both at the same time using a trainer

  • @ReNNie

    Ok, so It's not possible to spawn the car and the trailer at the same time, with the admin mode I can spawn 1st the trailer and then the car. This is for a job in my server a fisherman, so I can make them (users) ask for a vehicle (Land Rover), no problem, and then for a trailer ( with the boat in this case ).

    In the car request there's no problem I can in the jobs files make it work,
    But I don't know how to spawn a trailer with a boat on.

    I'm going to try with a vehicles.meta file from a car a car trailer that I downloaded ( I will change cartrailer to boattrailer ) is the only one I vehicles.meta that I found.
    What changes should I do to make it work ( spawn with a dinghy (boat) on )

    I believe this this the part of the code I should change

    <frequency value="10" />
    <maxNum value="5" />
    <trailers />
    <additionalTrailers />
    <drivers />
    <extraIncludes />

    thank you so mutch @ReNNie

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