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[Request with payment] Mazda MX5 Mk2/2.5

  • GTA 5 mods have been around for a long time, along with all the miata mods.. except the model I own IRL! Want to make that change with some money in return? Be sure to contact me!

    3d models of this car are already sourced by me.
    A list of expectations and some pictures of the car are down below.

    Payment will happen trough Paypal.
    How much you will earn depends on the amounts of detail and options are realised!

    If anyone would be intrested in this job I am always reachable trough this forum or on discord -> Kreed1910#7253!

    What would be expected of the mod

    • Base model + as extra, the hardtop

    • Parts able to break, breakable windows

    • Modifications: frontbumpers*, sideskirts, exhaust, spoiler, fenderflares

    • Optional: working dials, custom steering wheels,interchangeable seats, window stickers

    **As there are 2 different front-ends of this car it would be great to have a option to change the frontlights with some bumpers.

    Download links 3D models

    Juiced 2
    Forza Motorsport 4

    Some images of the car in question

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