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ZMODELER 3 doesnt work import

  • Hi. Could anybody help me about import files to ZMODELER?
    I tryied to open one file in ZMODELER but button import doesnt work.
    Could you tell me where is the problem?

    This is the file: https://cs.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-skoda-superb-combi-replace

    Thank you so much for help.

  • Are you using the trial license? If yes, I don't recall the trial license allows people to import models. If you paid for it, make sure the file that you are importing meets the file requirements.

  • Hello. Thank you very much for answer. I dont have trial version. I tryied to open other other models and it works . Just this one is problematic. Please, could you try to open it?

  • @tequila
    I have open topic about not working zmodeler. Check if you did all steps which I wrote in the first message. If no there is problem, if yes I don't know help you because have the same problem.

  • Great. I will do whatever I can. I check the forum topic. Thank you again

  • @tequila You never will to import that vehicle to Zmodeler3, is simple the reasson: Authors can protect their contents with a lock in the geometry file and this one is locked.

    Solution: Contact the original modder and ask him for not locked files and his permission to edit, and if not, forget any modification in this vehicle.

  • Thank you for info. I have done it.

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