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Black cars after defragmentation

  • I made defragmentation of whole 'mods' folder today to keep rpf archives low and after that I have most of cars black. It's like 70% of cars are black 20% white 5% red and 5% other colors but limited to base colors only.

    The game lost whole vehicles colors variety, but I wasn't changing any file. Anyone had this problem before ? Any idea which files it would be affected by defragmentation ?

    I would put back my back up, but would like to defragment it again to keep files low (especially x64e), but would to know which file don't to defragment to don't need to it file after file whole days :confounded: or what ever else would made this glitch

  • @ArmaniAdnr Defragmentation only makes sense on files which are modified very often. Usually that's just the update.rpf.

  • @ArmaniAdnr If you have replacement vehicles in archive E. Put them in a low size DLC such as patchday5 instead.
    Also you can put meta files in dlc patch rather than an individual dlc. That will save you GB of space.

  • ok that's weird, but I put my backup to the game, and the problem is still there, but at the morning when I was doing backup, I didn't have this problem wtf.

    @Cass meta files would save GB ? :astonished: for the yft and ytd files from x64e I made own dlc where I'm putting replaced vehicles and it overwrite them ofc, to keep x64e low. But meta files I didn't put there.

    But now I'm find out, only cars from x64e spawn black, when I spawn replaced car from any dlcpack it is colored. So I have to try put vehicles.meta, handling.meta, carcols.ymt & carvariations.ymt from x64e to my dlcpack for x64e replaced cars right?

  • OK I find out problem, even I don't understand how is this possible.

    Carvariations.ymt located in 'update/update.rpf/64x/data' have changed lines. It don't have colors which was set there, for both replaced and vanilla vehicles too.
    It affected vanilla vehicles too what is really magic for me, how the hell game was possible to change lines itself without me doing it.

    I tested it on replaced ferrari now, which I knew it don't even have black color in carvariations. So I open carvariations data of this modded car, which I have saved in folder in txt file. Then open both carvariations.ymt and I was shocked when I saw different data in them.

    'x64a' carvariations.ymt had right data, but 'update.rpf' carvariations.ymt had changed datas. I changed it, go back to the game, spawned ferrari and it was red now. So I spawned few vanilla vehicles and they was black.

    WTF any idea why this happend ? :triumph:

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