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[Player] Heterochromatic eyes for mp female character ?

  • Hey guys !

    I like to mod my mp female character and i also love girls with heterochromatic eyes (btw sorry if it's not the good word, i asked to many translator but they're all totally lost, i speack about 2 eyes with 2 differents color like one green one blue you see ^^ sometimes the translator say "minnow eyes" sometimes "odd eyes"... --")

    Anyway so i searched a little evrywhere but i found nothing, i also tried to do it myself but it looks like the game "duplicate" one eye and paste it on the 2 holes, very boring, but maybe there is a way to force the game to use 2 differents color for the 2 eyes ?

    I'd be very glad if someone could give me a way to do it or just make a little script or mod directly ^^

    Thx and sorry for my bad english :*

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/blind-eye maybe figure out how he did it.

  • @idlehands yep but it looks totally different between story mode character and our mp char :/

  • This post is deleted!

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  • last up :(

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