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ERROR: invalid model. check suggested locations: [NO SUGGESTED LOCATIONS]

  • Hello everyone.. I created the list of new props of the After hours DLC but when I try to spawn some objects, I receive this error.


    I understand that I get this error, because I should be "Nearby" of the place where there are the same objects..
    But since they are objects within the club, it would be impossible to use them outside..

    Do you know a way to remove this limitation?

  • ???????????????????????????

  • I had this exact same error, but only with new props I added, while the old ones worked fine.
    By accident I found that I had wrongfully placed the def_props.ytyp not only in the addonprops folder, but also in another folder where it didn't belong. After removing it from the wrong folder, the problem has disappeared for me.

    Maybe this helps anyone out there.

  • I’m having the same problem so what are am I missing

  • Banned

    i reconized that text this is gonna be hard for me to figure out......

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