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Help with installing tk0wnz 2015 Challenger Tuning Parts (Replace)

  • I've followed the instructions laid out by tk, and the car seems to spawn in fine with the different liveries, but i cant seem to tune it. I've replaced all of the required meta's and ymt's, but the car seems to have no tuning parts available. I've used his 2016 Charger and 1969 Charger mods with no problems, but this one seems to cause an issue with its tuning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @OO7-Dimitri
    You mean tk0wnz's 2016 Dodge Challenger [Shaker / Hellcat / Demon / Liberty Walk] 2.1?
    If so, & you opted for the '[OPTION 2] Full Replace' method what is most likely to have happened is that you followed the folder path's & put 'carvariations' here:


    while being unaware that the carvariations now loaded by the game is now here:


    Replacing/editing that second carvariations (the one in 'update.rpf') should fix your problem I reckon :thumbsup:

    Note: Watch out when replacing entire files as you will lose any previous edits.

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