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Car texture flicker problem

  • So i have a few car that have this problem where the textures flicker ingame but in open iv they look fine
    a screenshot for example


    remake bumpmap texture and import it in open iv with mipmaps


    also use dark bleu for tire spectacular texture

  • @Faysal i didnt make these cars i just downloaded them

  • @Abdulrhman1 Did you change the most (if any) recent file(s) for the vehicles you change?
    I ask this because, if for example you download a custom vehicle, but one that was created before some official updates, and say you downloaded a vehicle that changes a certain one, but that one has newer files added in a new dlcpack, (a newer pack since the author created the vehicle) even if it's a single file (mostly .ymt files that get's updated) the author of the vehicle you downloaded might not direct users to change the files in a newer patchdayng or something, (simply because it didn't exist yet) thus not changing all the files for that vehicle. Do you understand what i'm trying to say?

    EXAMPLE : Most basic vehicle files are in x64e.rpf, and an possible update in any of the patchday..... thus the author says to replace the files in the correct archives, but now we are up to patchday19ng, if in any of the updates a single file of one of the cars you replaced , changes, (gets updated) youll need to change those files in the more recent patch too....

    I hope you understand what i'm trying to explain, I had such cases to, and the flicker stopped when i updated the vehicle files in the more recent patchday's too, and not only where the author directs users too....

  • @Sebastony i get what you mean, The Tahoe i showed is called in the game cavalcade or something like that and the first thing i did after the problem happened to me was doing what you said, in Openiv i used "search" to find the car files and it only appears in x64e.

  • @Abdulrhman1 Ah, to bad it didn't work. It could be the car itself too offcourse,
    or a combination of other mods. Are you using any enb or reshade based mods?
    Also if replacing vehicles (not adding), do you replace them with the vehicle the author originaly intended?
    At first i sometimes changed a custom vehicle to another one and although it mostly works (be sure to change the correct vehicles.meta lines with the correct car then) but it's sometimes tricky to get it to work just right...best (most stable) is to replace the vehicle with the vehicle the author intended. If that's already the case.

    Then i suggest you try another car, or perhaps check if there is a updated version of the one you want to use.

    I hope this helps.

    Gta games are great games/engines to mod, but it can be very tricky to get it to work (continuesly) correct, (let me remind you gtaiv taxi bug for example) :p and the way gta 5's folder structure and updates work, ....sigh......Although it's more modder friendly because of the standalone mods folder, it can be a pain in the butt to work with, (can be confusing very fast), and much more space is required too.

  • @Abdulrhman1 How many vehicle mods have you got installed, and are they addons or replace vehicles? Also what other mods are you using and what are your pc specs.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Sebastony sorry dude, i tagged you up by mistake xd

  • Found the problem, i was missing some update files in mods folder.
    don’t know how did that happen

  • @krissboo no problem ;)

  • Hey I have the same problem as you, I copy all the folder "update" in the folder "mods" but it's always the same. Can you help me please ? @Abdulrhman1
    alt text

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