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How do you get these color tones?

  • I thought my game looked pretty good until I started watching some if the 4k footage of modded GTA 5 with NVR and or Redux mods. These guys are achieving color tones that I simply am unable to pull off.
    Here are a couple of the videos I'm referring to...
    NVR only

    Redux plus Redux ENB? (my Redux zip had no ENB files included)

    I originally had Redux stacked with NVR along with reshade. For me, I discovered after removing, that Redux was making my game to shadowy, dark, to dark at night, and over-saturated. The Redux video dosent have the same over shadowy, over saturated issues as my game.

    I currently just run NVR with the included ENB, plus using the NVR reshade preset. This got me closer to the desired color tones, but still pretty far form the mark.
    In both videos, both game have cooler and very natural looking color tones. My game, on the other hand, no matter what reshade preset I use, has had a more unnatural warmer color tone, even reddish, maybe orange looking especially in the morning and when the sun starts to set. It especially looks bad at night because everything has a yellowish overcast to it.

    Using the latest reshade, even though I'm sure that makes no difference. Have tried all presets from Redux, and the NVR one of course. Those are the only ones I've tried.

  • @Breacherman I'm not sure what mods is this one guy using but I used for most realistic look more than one or two mods. I don't remember all their names but I started with VisualV and then added for example darkernights, one of reshadow mods, then another mod for street ligths shadows, then another mod for vehicles reflections etc.

    I can't send pic of result, coy I don't have one of that magic machine to run it on full graphic, so it would maybe someone make when I upload my GTA version :grin:

    But the point what I wanted say is, it would maybe not be just one or two mods, it can be combination of many different mods. + For best graphic look you have to make sure that your whole pc support 4K graphic, it's big magic difference I think (:

  • Yea thanks for the response. The first video claims to only be using Natural Vision Remastered, the second, Redux with an unknown ENB. Neither mention using reshade, even though they have to be, and I feel like that's the key to getting the color tones they're achieving. I do wonder though how much the colors are being effected though by the 4k resolution, as I am only running a downsampled 1440p to 1080p.


    I use reshade and NVR. I think they use effects too though post-recording

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