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[VEHICLE][RELEASED] BMW 316 E21 Tuning Edition [WIP]

  • BMW 316 Addon | Livery | Wipers

    this is a tuning version of baba0rums E21. i made it for handling better with zmodeler and learn about all that stuff. i´ve made a few conversions but want to look at a model with tuningparts from another modder. so again, thank you very much for sharing and helping me @baba0rum. this means a lot to me. now i can made my first complete own model.

    so what has changed on the base model:

    i deleted the antenna. added a lens hood (extra 5)(dont know if the english translation is correct) but you see on the pictures what i mean. i replaced the black sidebars with stickers (paint2). i added a sticker (paint2) to the rear windscreen, which you can de-activate with trainer as extra11. i replaced exhaust 3 and default exhaust with a modded one. i changed the frontbumper to look more than a 316 instead of a 320 (but i have to edit it more in the future to fits the reallife original bumper) i added BMW Tuning wheels. the rear wheels now a bit wider than the front wheels, i stanced the car a bit, so when you choose the deepest suspension in LSC its (in my opinion) a good stanced car. i added european license plates (i know :joy: hate him) for my german license plates. no worry, i added it as rearbumper. you have the decission between ingame plate (extra12) european plate (default bumper) or no plate (tuning bumper). i recolored the part between the rearlights in paint1 instead of black and gave the car a small bodykitt. i planned a widebody for the future. the rearligths are now black and the front indicators white (original tuningpart in reallife).

    so i hope you enjoy my version of the e21

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  • 1.2
    4k liveries
    wiper support
    animated/vibrating engine
    animated interior stuff
    fuel cap openable
    sunroof openable

    0_1474599611035_Bild7.jpg 0_1474599628925_Bild6.jpg 0_1474599647279_Bild3.jpg 0_1474599668574_Bild2.jpg

  • 1.3 is coming in November
    this time its a big update with lots of tuning parts and many complete new things like hq mirrors, other lights, angel eyes, different bodykits and new bumpers. its almost ready, so i want to share some pics with u

    0_1477075536001_BMW E21 1.3.png

  • here is a little teaser to the update coming in november

    and here a testvideo of the tuningparts, the bodykits are not included in the next update, still beta

  • 1.4 coming

    Re-Added Livery Support

    and Dirtmap

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