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2 questions about vehicles seats settings

  • #1 how to set player sitting position ? I have in one car player placed little too much in front and want put him more to back...is it possible to do in meta files ?

    #2 which lines please set the amount of vehicles seats? I changed Mesa for short version of Rubicon and need to do:

    • best would be make 2 back seats to sit at the sides of trunk as for example bodhi2 (trevors main vehicle) have it
    • but set it from 4 seats to 2 seats would be enought too

  • @ArmaniAdnr In the vehicles.meta there are a bunch of options for changing the camerapositions in vehicles.
    For both driver and passenger. Although i don't know what every setting does, a most valuable one is PovCameraOffset
    Just don't set the cam to far back, or your character will glitch into the view.

    I also highly recommend https://pl.gta5-mods.com/scripts/extended-camera-settings
    As it works great in combination with tweaking the vehicles.meta, and as a plus the fov is adjustable too, (while in the .meta file not.
    And the mod let's you change camerasettings in-game , on the fly.
    the current state your player is in determines what cam your editing, if you get into any vehicle , press pause menu ,and go to camera settings, there will be added a bunch of settings with that mod, if you get into another vehicle, you can set it for that one, and so fort....

  • @Sebastony oh so player position is set by camera lines in vehicles right? that mod looks great, will it set the position for permanently or only till I turn off game ?

  • @ArmaniAdnr Yes in the vehicles.meta ,and the mod stores it's settings in its own created .xml file, so no worries when restarting the game your settings will stay,.....i mainly just use the mod for the fov, all the other settings arer customizable in the vehicles.meta

  • @Sebastony good I find it out, the #1 question was solved by changing layot in vehicles.meta and second can be too, but bodhi2 don't fit there so need to find any other vehicles which have back suv/offroad style of back sitting at the trunk, not at the seats.

    Or change car from 4 seat to 2 seat, but this I still don't find out how to do :thinking:

  • @ArmaniAdnr
    Changing a vehicles seats should be avoided, if a vehicle is originaly a 2 seat , 4seat, van, truck,
    i mean these are typical features a vehicle has, for most compatability you should only replace vehicles with the correct features , meaning, a van by a van, a truck by a truck, 2seat--->2seat , bike-->bike,... :p you'll get the idea..

    Although i do not fully understand what you mean.

    but you do have a entry in vehicles.meta
    <numSeatsOverride value=

    The characters sitting position in a vehicle is determined by

    And possible but i'm not sure

  • @Sebastony sorry for late answer, I didn't see your message

    I tryed now more options as delete rear passenger from povcamera, change layouts, but I decided depend on vehicle extras (it have seats as extra) that I want to make it only for 2 people. That mean player + ped or 2peds. Doesn't matter if there would be seats in back or not, better have back seats empty as peds sitting in the air :grin: but don't have idea how to make it :(

    What is <numSeatsOverride value= doing? I meet this line in more vehicles meta but all time it was only in one vehicles.meta from 2 where the vehicle was mentioned.

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