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The end of a powerful tool ?

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    So Guys....What do you think about this news ?

    Should the admins or moderators remove Menyoo PC from 5MODS ?

    Read the link here:

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    More if you are interested:

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    The shutdown of the online version has nothing to do with the SP version.
    So no, we won't remove it.

  • I hope he get punished for selling a cheating tool for a online game. I truly hate online cheaters, they have no concern for other people and cheat without a thought about the consequences. Online cheating is a big problem in many games, I hope Take-Two win this.

    About Menyoo for SP, I dont use it, it make my game unstable and crashes often after running benchmarks.

  • @xxx78 They will NEVER punish the cheater, only they will make an example of them from time to time, to make it appear like they really care.

    This is why we are so lucky! Us PC-players can join any crew and play on FiveM, and never have to deal with the BS the way console players have to. No cheaters, no modders, no streakers, no random noobs, no EWOs, no griefers, just playing the game the way we want to, modding included. Isn't it glorious?

  • they didn't steal enough money to people, they need to reclaim monney to modder now ...
    the main reason people were cheating is cause their online is garbage, that they release only cheated vehicule and increased the price cause vehicule were more and more cheated ...
    THe only people that make gta and gta online garbage are T2, they should attack themself for turning grand theft auto into grand sell auto and for the fact they reduced the cost (( no scenar, no gameplay, no actor, no map, server in paper , etc etc) to make more money that they don't put back into the game
    they lied us about a Solo Dlc
    sell their new cheated vehicule at a price that even the whole game doesn't cost that much
    release only vehicule (aka sellable content)
    Have a terrible shity anticheat that ban more innocente that cheater
    etc etc

    I'm against online cheat, but anyway t2 introduced legal cheat with their cheated vehicule so doesn't change a lot .
    it's not cheater that make me stop online, it's T2 and the way they turned gta in an ea game style
    Hope the pdg of T2 will be splashed by a flying car, that a flying bike will shot him in his little nuts and that the ion canon will clean the trash remaining from this guy he is the only one that disgust me of online and even of gta since he encourage rockstar to block solo update, make the solo dlc canceled , and totaly fucked the online.

    I really miss the good Old SaMp that was a true Online and got admin to handle cheater and where people were playing with skill not credit card

  • @Shaezbreizh T2 and Rockstar are business platforms. They don't care what we think about how to make money.

    If the sell their champagne for a $100 dollars shark card is because people have to much money and they don't know what to do with it or they're pretty stupid (I believe it is the second) to spend hundreds of dollars for nothing.

    I respected the people who love to play fair the online mode but if you want to fight it just avoid the MP and don't spend your hard earned money with this nonsense mode stealing our money.

  • @eshenk Oh yes it is Sir! It's very glorious to play online in our server with nice mods. But T2 and R* are business and they want your credit card right now because they believe it's they right way to play the game and reach out the maximum pleasure of gaming with the best game ever created.(sarcasm 😁) So.... We are despicable modders, cheaters and nasty hackers.

  • @Unknown-Modder said in The end of a powerful tool ?:

    The shutdown of the online version has nothing to do with the SP version.
    So no, we won't remove it.

    Thank god for that.

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