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Replaced vehicles glitching on certain missions in story mode

  • So, I've been working on replacing all of the cars in Story Mode with their real life counterparts. I've encountered minimal issues, which I have fixed. But there are still some problems with some of the cars, especially during missions, that I have yet to pinpoint and fix. One such issue is this: https://imgur.com/a/aOK7UHO

    It happens to cars owned by the story characters during missions. I've noticed it happen to Amanda's car in the Father/Son mission and to Michael's car during the Fame or Shame mission.

    Other small issues include the 9F Cabrio featured in "Franklin and Lamar" having issues with the drop top glitching and not functioning as it should. (The red Dewbauchee has the same issue.) Trevor's truck has an issue where when it's replaced, the bed no longer functions as an extra seat and when doing missions involving Wade and Ron, Wade just bumps into the truck instead of getting in like he should.

    Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. If you need to know what car mods I'm using I can provide that info as well.

    Thanks everyone,
    The Doc


    @Doc_Richard_Head for the glitchy cars of the story mode characters, it's using the vanilla vehicles tuning parts. also assuming that trevors truck issue is that the modded cars bed isn't set up to have seats like the vanilla vehicle

  • @Reacon Ah, I see. How do you propose I fix this issue? Also I guess I'll just have to leave Trevor's truck vanilla, cause I've only been able to find three good replacements for it and they all don't work with the bed. I appreciate the information!

  • @Doc_Richard_Head about amanda's car I have problem with Father and Son missiong too but different. I'm using there mercedes cabrio, at the moment of your photo scene I have no problem there, but when I come to the point where truck with boat have to load, nothing happend. When I leave car and enter it again it send me a far back and then again on place and again nothing happed. So for this I have no idea and I would follow this article.

    But for Trevor's truck seats, from my experience you have to just keep '<layout>' in 'vehicles.meta' to the same as vanilla bodhi2 have and it may work.

    At the moment of car accident start Wade's animation of 'impact' and he put his leg far back to stay sitting on his place. I had replaced Trevor's truck with shorter car and it was working however at the animation Wade's leg was out of the car.

  • There isn't much you can do unless you are a script god, or you can simply replace the front of the vehicle, or you can actually just replace the vehicle, but it'd have to be transparent, so near impossible, pretty shitty.

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