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I just discovered...

  • That I didn't have the Heap Limit Adjuster in my root folder! I have no idea how it got out. I must have forgotten to add it back when I updated my game to Super Sport DLC from Import/Export. I have to tell ya man, this plugin is an absolute must. I had been experiencing a lot of slow rendering of objects, building, roads, etc, and couldn't figure out why. Extra heap fixes a lot, LOL.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I have tweaked my config file beyond recognition but still I experience the occasional crash, and I think it have to do with the config file. I will test this mod and maybe the crashes goes away.
    Do have any more suggestions for mods to fix crashes, stability, stuttering and fps?

  • @eshenk Thanks, I will install them asap. If you know about more ways to fix/reduce crashes/slowdowns/stuttering/stability in modded game please feel free to share :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @xxx78 Also this -


    I would also go one step further and do this - open up your task manager with ctrl alt delete keys, go to the startup tab, and disable any programs you don't want to load up when booting up your PC. Anything you don't want automatically running, disable them.

    Then type update in your search bar. Click check for updates. Now click advanced. Very first item says "Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows". Make sure it is turned on. If it wasn't, turn it on, and then go back and click the "Check for Updates" button. I just did this myself last week, and it found scores of updates, that VASTLY improved stability issues I was having myself.

  • @eshenk I appreciate that you share this info, I will try your suggestions, getting tired of instability and stuttering.

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