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I dont know why my game suddenly changed to Low Graphics mode

  • when i put like maybe around 15 Addons/Object/Peds/Cars the graphics went like from Very High into like "Texture Glitch" help me please, i still make my project about Raccoon City. Thx Before

  • Well, that may be your Computer as it probably can't handle it, what graphics card are you using? How many space does it contain? Crappy computers can't handle all the memory reading so they just lower the settings.

    Not a big deal to switch it, but if your game LAGs a lot, then your computer can't handle it so it lowers the settings.

  • I Dont know why? my computer using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GDDR5 3GB, my RAM is 16GB INTEL CORE I7 7700HQ and 1 TB and using DirectX 12

    not laggy i check FPS is around 64/70 FPS, soo help me

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