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Game won't start

  • Hey i wanted to play some lspdfr and installed some new Cars and stuff in there.
    turns out a mod (idk witch) won't let my game start. (atleast i think)
    i can't really read the problem out of the logs.
    so ima just hope someone could help me and explain this to me.
    I attach the .txt file.
    link text
    already thanks^^


    I swear no one reads this when asking for help...


  • @NexoTrex from this information I think nobody can help you, we need more detailed infromations. As what you was doing, replacing items, adding items, what you did try to avoid crashing etc.

    But at the fact, the game can't start after adding mods, check all changed meta files. Most of time is reason that you made any mistake in meta files for example at '</item>' you forgot one sign and it look like this '/item>' or '<</tem>'. Or you don't have closed any of defined things, for example you started '<item>' somewhere in meta and don't have '</item>' at the end. This little mistakes would make your game not running at all.

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