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Transferring an Accessory(hat/shirt/jewelry, etc) from one Ped to another

  • Let's say I want to transfer a hat from one ped model to another, I feel like it's as easy as taking it out/drag dropping it from the ped model(ytd, ydd) file, but what program do you use to open those? Thanks to any advice offered.

  • @NotOfTheWorld
    Do you mean base ped walking around or player character?

  • base ped and mp ped

  • @NotOfTheWorld so nothing, wasn't trying this yet...but I think it have to be done in 3D modeler as it is one file right now...but when you open it's from more parts...I'm not modeller so I'm not sure but I think it is something as layers and you would be able to copy this layer and put it to another 3D model :thinking:

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