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Modded sound files won't play

  • Hey there. I recently created a sound pack for all thunder sound effects in game. Done all installing steps properly, but the sounds won't play in game. Alternatively, I tried installing a thunder sounds pack by another author on GTA5-mods.com, yet the problem is still there. What is going on? :/

  • @Morgesan
    The link to mod is not linking to the mod (which mod did you try)?

    Also are you sure you converted the sound files to the correct format?

    Most sounds in the game, are mono, 44100hz and 16-bit PCM
    Beware though, some are different. 22050hz and 32-bit float for ex.

    And the sound files should be almost same in length , or so i've read, that i'm not sure.

    Replaced some sounds myself, and at first it was a hassle to get it to work.

  • @Sebastony I tried this one: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/realistic-thunder-wind-sound-fx

    Yes, converted it to mono, indeed 41.000hz and 16-bit. Thanks :smiley:

  • @Sebastony Just noticed that specifically the thunder sounds which I'm trying to replace, need to be encoded at 32000hz instead of 48000hz..I'll convert all of them and give it a try..Also, I'm using a 'mods' folder, so do I have to replace the files both in the game directory AND in the mods folder or only in the mods folder?


    @Morgesan said in Modded sound files won't play:

    only in the mods folder

  • @ReNNie @Sebastony P.S I'm also using VisualV. Does this affect the location of the sound files? Because once I replace sounds, I can sometimes hear the old ones ingame

  • @Morgesan
    Normally everything that exists in the game folder, when any file from there, is needed for a mod, the whole archive where the file is in, needs to be copied to the mods folder, (you'll never need to change anything in the .rpf files (archives) in the game folder,....

    In short all the archives that wil change because of mods, needs to be fully copied to the mods folder. and from there you mod the files.

    As for visuall V , i don't know i don't use that.
    But i do know, that if a mod adds archives (in the dlcpacks folder for ex.) then you'll need to check in that archive also, if a file is in the archive from the mod, (dlc.rpf) and that file exists in the original game , then the files in the mod archive will be used instead of the ones in the original .rpf archive.

    Easiest way is, just to search for the specific file in openiv but beware though as some files will not show up if searched for.
    It depends the file you search is inside an archive in an archive......

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