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[WIP] Various Vanilla IV/V Vehicles Moddified [NEED TEMPLATE HELP]

  • I'm starting a new project editing and converting various GTA V/IV models such as making various variants from civilian to service and emergency vehicles. I have experience adding parts to models such as the Emergency Brickade I did a few years back. I will be looking to release these models as DEV versions both unlocked and freely editable as I will need someone else to template and UV Map. I am currently working on the festivel bus which is an upgraded pbus. i'll be removing the platform, speakers and skull and converting it into a school/party bus.

    STAGE 1.

    Festivel/Party Bus [100%]
    Vapid Steed Scrapper
    Dinka Sweeper
    HVY Terrebyte Emergency Support
    Declasse Granger Civil W/Livery Support
    Declasse Granger Taxi
    Declasse Granger Fly US Security
    Vapid Steed Cutaway
    Annis Wilder
    Benefacter Dubsta Renigade
    Declasse Merit Cabrio
    Brute Boxville Ariel
    HVY Brickade Trash
    HVY Brickade Cabin
    HVY Briackade SE

    I will upload screens soon and periodacly.

    It would be nice if i could colaberate with someone Whoe is willing to help with template.

    Thanks for reading.

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