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is there a fully modded gta5 for download?

  • hi.are there sources to obtain or to have a custom ordered version for those who don't have the time or patience? i remember there were versions of skyrim for download with 280 mods installed.

  • @wraith Sharing original files here is not welcome

  • @wraith I'm working on GTA REAL if you would be interesting. But have about 300 vehicles, the clothes and improving few details till finish. It's made from mods only from this site, would be uploaded only on this site and would have included full credits of all mods and scripts creators (: it now obtaing about 400-500 mods which 26GB of downloaded mods.

    It have of course much tools and mods to improve graphic experience, realistic sounds, realistic behavior all around, realistic signs, buildings and brands including vehicles eevrywhere. Minimum of addons, just base game turned to real world look.

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