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[PLAYER] List of Cop/Police Model names?

  • I was wondering if anyone had a list of all the police model names? I'm trying to replace all the cops in my game with various models but I can't find the model/file names for the Blaine County and Paleto Bay Cops. I've searching all the ped lists I can find but I can't find anything telling me what models are the BC/PB cops.

    So yeah, does anyone have a list of all the cop models?

  • Here is the list of the sheriff models.
    Hope it helps you out.

    Male Sheriff #3

    • s_m_y_ranger_01.ytd .ymt .yft .ydd

    Male Sheriff #2

    • s_m_y_sheriff_01.ytd .ymt .yft .ydd

    Male Sheriff #1

    • s_m_y_cop_01.ytd .ymt .yft .ydd

    Female Sheriff #2

    • s_f_y_sheriff_01.ytd .ymt .yft .ydd

    Female Sheriff #1

    • s_f_y_cop_01.ytd .ymt .yft .ydd

    Motorcycle Sheriff

    • s_m_y_hwaycop_01.ytd .ymt .yft .ydd

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