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Game crash randomly when entering a car

  • Hello, I have a BIG problem with cars in gta 5. Wen a enter in a car, sometimes the game instant crash ! I'm running the latest version of gta 5 (dlc after hours). I don't know what mod (if it's a mod) cause that.
    Mod list:

    Modified game mods (with OpenIV) :

    • Old-gen map view
    • Old-gen radar and hud ( hud not installed in the game)
    • A mod for better weapons sounds (i didn't remember the exact name)
    • Gangs mod
    • Gameconfig 3x car 3x peds (latest)
    • Low graphics mod

    Asi mods:
    Enable Mp Cars
    Freecam (OpenIV 's freecam mod)
    OpenIV 's mod folder
    VStancer ( removing it didn't solve the problem )

    I also have Menyoo Mod Menu and a drift smoke mod

    Scrips :
    Build a mission
    Premium Deluxe motorsport
    SP Appartment
    SP Garage

    What I tried:
    I tried differents gameconfigs (all failed, of course) ; i changed of OS ( I was on windows 7, now i'm on windows 10 , i've reinstalled the game with that)

    PS: When i enter a car by resting 1 second very near the door, it rarely crashes.


    asiloader : https://pastebin.com/yXNkTuPZ

    ScriptHookV : https://pastebin.com/nUgBGd7U

    ScriptHookDotNet2 : https://pastebin.com/Efq39CMi

  • @By_JumperX4

    • try to move mods folder out of GTA root folder to see, if it's any mod and not scripts etc.
    • find out if it's random car or it's all time same car's. Once your game crash after entering any car, try that car spawn again and agani 3-5 times, if it crash again and again by entering this vehicle, problem is only in this model or his meta files
    • if the crash is really totaly random, try to check your RAM usage, for me for example is game randomly crashing coz of RAM usage...when I have lot of google chrome cards opened and start the game it crash once my RAM usage go over 95%

  • it's any car and for ram usage i never have more than 60% of ram used with gta 5 in ultra graphics (i play in ultra low because i prefert :D)
    moving the mods folder solve the problem !

  • @By_JumperX4 I've seen this issue caused by Self Radio/Radio Scanning, as well as make sure to uninstall VStancer.asi I've seen a lot of people crashing because of a corrupted Stancer asi.

  • @Ze-Krush VStancer.asi is not in te mods folder and when I remove mods folder ... it works (i've already tried some methods with the radio, and it's not that)

    EDIT : it still crash if i do RB before (R1 os PS controller, i have a Gen Game X3) i don't know what is the name of this :/

  • @Ze-Krush if he told moving mods folder solved it, then it can't be vstancer...and I have vstancer too and don't have problem with it yet...
    @By_JumperX4 I don't know what is that RB :/ anyway do you remember which mods you added last before crashes starts?

  • @By_JumperX4 @ArmaniAdnr Alrighty, thanks for the heads up, didn't read much on this thread.

  • @ArmaniAdnr RB is the button used on controller for doing something i don't know how to translate. it's for being very near of a wall and be in "security" (hide your caracter with a wall) it still crash with removed mods folder when i enter in a car whan i'm on this mode with the car (using the car like a wall and entering it)

  • @By_JumperX4 I didn't meet with these before so I'm not able to configure what to try next sorry :/

  • Do a fresh install of the game, having to many mods and modded files will be difficult to determine which mod is the cause of the crash. Once you do that, install your usual scripts like scripthook and such.

    Then install the scripts that you suspect crashes your game one by one. Enter the game, go into a car, nothing crash? Good, move onto the next one. If it crashes, then you found your cause and move onto the next one to be sure that it is only mod that is causing the crash.

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