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Add-on cars bug?

  • So I chose several add on cars carefully, I installed them correctly, all work but in the menu of add on car spawner mod there are two models of cars I do not have in my mods folder (dlcpacks) at all. I checked all the cars dlc's with openIV and those models do not exist. The models are M4 and Z4 (I thought they were also added to one of the dlc but no ) . They only apear in add on car spawner mod menu and it is annoying as hell :)) does anyone know any solution? oh and when I try to spawn them it says can't load model..
    thank you for your help :D

  • Well, sometimes car addon packs have more than 2 cars in them, but since you said that those models do not appear in the car mod folder, its best to reinstall your addon cars by deleting them, but again check EACH car addon folder to be sure. Reinstall each car addon, one by one and run the game. Then while in game, check if the car models that you didn't install appear in your spawner. If it does not, good then continue to install your addons and check if the problem appears. If it does, then that addon car may have another car along with it, if not then delete that car addon and continue on installing the next one.

    If you do all this, and the problem still continues, check if you have an unfamiliar folder in your original update folder, so your dlcpacks. They should be the same, but in your mods folder and not in your original, it should have the addon car folders. If you notice an unfamiliar folder, in the original or modded folder, that may be causing the problem and simply delete it.

  • indeed i found the problem, a lamborghini had vehicle mods for m4 and z4 :))) thanks

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