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Are there any gta5 single player modding services?

  • I have absolutely no time to mod and was wondering if there are services that to this. Perhaps remote access? I'd gladly pay a fair price for a heavily military based modded gta5.I bought 3 copies of gta5 on g2a.

  • While not singleplayer, this sounds more like something to check with FiveM, as they typically have various servers with themes like what you may be seeking (military) and you won't have to do much on your end.

  • I'm ignorant to this, would I be able to complete the single player campaign? I'm a helicopter fanatic and a sr-71 fan and was amazed to see the helicopter mods. I would love to play gta5 single player with this content added.

  • FiveM is a mod for GTAV that does not work on any SP assets or mode. It's essentially a non R* GTAOnline mode

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