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[VEHICLE] Nonlethal Declasse Scramjet / Scramjet Neo

  • I honestly couldn't be happier that Rockstar gave us Anime fans a gift so Amazing as the Declasse Scramjet. From its insanely fun boost and jump capabilities, to its "almost" Identical features to the Mach 5 from Speed Racer, makes this car an absolute dream to drive on the streets of Los Santos.........however.....

    I feel like Rockstar has a fetish for making every new vehicle in Gta 5 an edgy weaponized Twisted Metal Death Race monster machine packed with more rockets and mini guns than a Michael Bay film.

    My vision is to see the Scramjet with a few updated features, such as...

    • the rear fins moved to the back fenders instead of behind the driver and passenger seats.
    • Removal of the Machine Guns and Rockets. (It just takes away the heroic feel of the Mach 5 in my opinion)
    • Customizable interior paint such as the seats.
    • Lore friendly Mach 5 reference livery. (I know we got "red pinstripes" but the lack of a racing number kinda upsets me)
      That is my perfect vision of an updated Declasse Scramjet.


    Now this is where this could turn into something crazy.
    I call this the "Scramjet NEO"
    Don't get me wrong, I love the Mach 5, its one of the most recognizable race cars in pop culture! But you know what REALLY intrigues me?

    The Mach 4!
    Aka the version that was the original Mach driven by Rex Racer from Speedracer 2008.
    Instead of modifying the Scramjet into a more accurate version of the scource material, I say it could be turned into its lore friendly predecessor!

    • The Mach 4 has a VERY similar design to the Mach 5 at the front therefore no work would be required there, however the fenders and back are quite something.

    • The Mach 4 has huge vented rear fenders. I'm sure that would have to be modeled in on their own.

    • However even the front AND the back, it also has Bolt on fenders, so I'm sure someone could fill in the triangular dents in the Scramjet, then grab some Bolt ons from one of the many Benny cars and make due with those.

    • The Mach 4 unfortunately only has 1 seat, I'm not sure how to get around that without heavy modeling to the Scramjet, perhaps leaving it a 2 seated vehicle won't hurt.

    • And last but not least, the rear. The Mach 4 has a giant wing that sits atop a single jet engine, I would assume the engine from the Rocket Voltic would be the perfect asset.

    To be honest, this is the craziest request I have ever thought of. The Scramjet Neo is something I really doubt will ever come to life via modders.
    But I think the Nonleathal Scramjet is an idea that has true potential.

    Here's some referance images for the Mach 4. A.k.A The "Scramjet Neo"
    alt text

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I've never seen the Mach4, that's cool. I'm waiting for someone to make a mach5 livery for it. The Mach4 is totally cool too!

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