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Problems running ReShade 2.0

  • Im new to ReShade 2.0 and I cannot find really something to that in the web

    Hello, I am using ReShade 1.1 for a really long time now and I want to switch to 2.0 now.
    But everytime I install it my game crashes somewhere in the loading screens (Not by the Rockstar Logo)
    I know that It doesent works with Menyoo and this other popular Trainers. I've readed somewhere that it only works with this Trainer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/enhanced-native-trainer. Is that a wrong Trainer? Or do I need to set something specific up for it? Doesent ReShade 2.0 supports ScriptHookDotNet? What im doing wrong? I want to use it but it just doesent works :(

  • @Kwebbl
    If you're using Reshade + ENB,
    There's a dxgi.dll, rename it to ReShade64.dll
    change dxgi.dll to ReShade64.dll inside enblocal.ini.

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