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Patchdays don't work

  • None of the custom content in my patchdays works.
    Latest version of GTA V, I installed an addon and all of a sudden nothing in a patchday is working.
    Everything in an x64(letter) folder seems to work.
    All my scripts are up to date, I checked the format in dlclist, it was fine.
    deleted the addon from dlcpacks and dlclist.
    Anyone know what the problem is? Anyone had it before?

  • Do you have the .ASI loaders installed?
    These don't mean nothing for patchday that I am about the list but just to make sure
    "Update" folder not corrupted (in mods folder).
    Are patchdays in mod folder?
    Verify integrity of files if you have steam.

  • You are clicking the Edit Mode button as well when you're adding stuff into your mods folder using OpenIV right?

  • @crunching except the things which was mentioned, did you search for all same files in OpenIV ? For example every vehicle which is in patchday is in x64e too and the x64e is the main folder for them, which you have to change to see it ingame

  • @Anonymoused281 Yes, the custom models used to work, now they don't

  • Solved it by deleting the mods folder

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