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Exact same vehicles found in multiple folders , very confusing.

  • I am trying to replace the texture for the Luxor plane.
    it didn´t work out , so I did some research and found out the luxor plane is found so far in 3 different locations.

    why is it found in 3 different folders, and which is the one to be modified , I tried the patchday2ng and did not work out
    I will check the others but still wondering why the game have the same plane in 3 locations

  • @elmentor it's tatally normal, more confusing is when R* have different info in meta files for same vehicle :grin:

    But back to the theme - especialy when vehicle files are in x64e, they are in any patchday folders too. But patchday is alltime lower priority, when you replace it in x64e it may be replaced in the game.

    But for best game optimalization I recommend you all the time put the vehicle name to the OpenIV search and replace it in all folders.

    It's in more folders because all time when R* update any vehicle they put in in newest patchday. For example from last update was added patchday19 where few of vehicles are vehicles, which was ingame before, but they updated some details or added tuning etc.

  • @ArmaniAdnr
    what is the purpose to make a new patchday to put an updated model in there for use , and leave the old patchday and leave the old model in there that seems not to be used anymore. where is this unorganized thing all going .
    in the end we will have all new patchday folders including all the old folders that are not in use.
    I guess someone needs to teach the guys how to be organized. so we modders have an easier life .

    but thanks for the reply

  • @elmentor that is question to R* not to me. I don't understand lot of things what R* made in their files :rolling_eyes:

  • @ArmaniAdnr

    I know, I was just ranting to my screen here , not to you..
    but good to see someone somewhat agrees here

  • @elmentor you always want to replace the ones that are in the latest update/patch folder. So in your case patchday12ng.

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