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can i partially delete modded files in my modfolder , the ones only that i don´t use to save HD space

  • some modded folders that are copied to the mod folder are over 2 Gb large.
    however the only thing that i use in there is maybe just a tiny scooter. no larger than 20mb.
    i still have to pay the 2gb from my hard drive. that is not fair
    if i will mod more files from several folders , i might end up have to copy 25 GB
    while in these folders i might just use only few small vehicles or props. no more than 200 mb in total
    but still pay the 25gb from my hard drive

    would it be smart and wise to delete all the files in the modded folder except the tiny file scooter that i am actually using from that folder .
    some folder might have over 200 files that i am not modding , bnut i have just 1 file modded .
    do i still have to copy that entire folder with 200 files , just because i modded 1 file in there.

    i would like to delete the 200 unmodded files in my mod folder from a certain 2 gb folder , so that the modded folder size shrinks from 2gb all the way down to maybe 20mb , to save my harddisk from unneccesary copied files that are not modded but are located in a modded folder

    can anyone tell me if this is wise to do or asking for problems


  • Banned

    you can delete anything in the mod folder, that makes the game launch the vanilla assets

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