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My blips are bugged...

  • So I made 3 blips which apparently won't work. Whenever I get inside the game it only creates 2 blips and shows the blip just for one location. Also the sprites don't work... Everything in my script is working good other than this. He'es a part of the script:
    & Should I put them in OnTick? I already kinda have a lot of things there.

    public class medicalCenters : Script
    private bool in_debt;
    private int debt;
    Vector3 location1 = new Vector3(341.540f, -1398.300f, 32.509f);
    Vector3 location2 = new Vector3(360.836f, -585.269f, 28.826f);
    Vector3 location3 = new Vector3(-449.272f, -340.822f, 34.502f);

    public medicalCenters()
        UI.Notify("MedicalCenters.dll initialized.");
        debt = 0;
        in_debt = false;
        Tick += OnTick;
        Blip bl1 = World.CreateBlip(location1);
        bl1.Sprite = (BlipSprite)69;
        bl1.Color = BlipColor.Red;
        bl1.Name = "Hospital";
        Blip bl2 = World.CreateBlip(location2);
        bl2.Sprite = (BlipSprite)69;
        bl2.Color = BlipColor.Red;
        bl2.Name = "Hospital";
        Blip bl3 = World.CreateBlip(location3);
        bl1.Sprite = (BlipSprite)69;
        bl3.Color = BlipColor.Red;
        bl3.Name = "Hospital";
    private void OnTick(object sender, EventArgs e)

  • @Eyon Use BlipSprite.Hospital instad of (BlipSprite)69.
    And your setting bl1.Sprite again on the last blip.

  • @aimless Thanks again :D

  • This post is deleted!

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