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Online Character for SP freeplay?

  • Would it be possible to create a mod that lets you create a Character just like you can do in Online gameplay and then use it exclusively in Singleplayer mode (without the story missions)?

    Please don't get me wrong, i'm not asking to use it in Online gameplay or have a original character do Story missions or appear in Story related cutscenes.
    I'd just love to do a bit of RP in singleplayer where i could do various stuff, like starting a business and so some missions (like VIP missions or even do friends & freaks missions.)
    I know there are some mods that let you play (sort of) online content, but instead of playing Michael, Franklin or Trevor i'd love to play a character of my own creation.
    So my question is, is it even possible to make such a mod and would it be a lot of work to create it?

    Thank you in advance!

  • @princegaz
    Thank you for the Reply and the Links!
    Very appreciated!
    The thing is, i do not want to use trainers that basically allow me to do anything. I want to work and accomplish the things i can buy. Using a trainer makes playing a game completely pointless to me.
    Additionally having to change one of the protagonists into a custom character each time i start the game is also very immersion breaking and makes playing again pointless.

    Maybe see it that way: i have installed
    "Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Dealership" and "Mors Mutual Insurance - Single Player" altough i could simply spawn the cars i want. But that wouldn't be the same.

    Maybe i'm the only one thinking like that i don't know.
    What i'm looking for is "simply" a mod that lets me play online mode completely offline for myself, and play some mission mods.
    Heck i even don't mind the grind, and do import/Export 200 times or more. But at least there's something to do, something to accomplish.
    (i don't even dare to ask for the missions and Heists to be single player friendly, lol)

    I actually thinking about playing online mode again (in solo public sessions) but it's annoying since there's always the chance someone else joins suddenly wihtout me knowing. (i just want to play in peace, without getting almost a heartattack each time.)

    Anyways thanks for your response. Very appreciated!

  • @Oliver-Hawk said in Online Character for SP freeplay?:

    r your response. Very ap

    I understand and would love a mod that spawns you as your custom character as well character menu is the only mod menu that solely for your player no cheat/hacks for it. someday they will hopefully make a mod that spawns you in as a multiplayer ped.

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