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Mission Friendly Gameconfig

  • Hello,

    im currently looking for a mission friendly gameconfig for Add-On Cars, but i didnt found one yet. Has somebody an idea where i can find one?

  • Never heard of "mission friendly gameconfigs", but this should do the trick


  • @ZiraelX

    I fixed my SP missions freezing by making sure the MISSION stack in 'gameconfig.xml' was set to the default of 20500 like this:

    							<SizeOfStack value="20500"/>
    							<NumberOfStacksOfThisSize value="1"/>

    That^ will get you some of the way to a 'mission friendly gameconfig' as I don't think they are readily available for download. You have to make your own afaik.
    The basic process is:

    • Encounter SP Mission problem
    • Confirm 'gameconfig.xml' related by defaulting file to vanilla & confirming issue is fixed
    • If confirmed gameconfig related, proceed to default parts of 'gameconfig.xml' until find fix.
    • Zero in on exact parameter in gameconfig causing issues
    • Default exact parameter thus fixing SP Mission problem while keeping modded gameconfig functionality.

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