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road rage mod

  • Would love to see a mod that adds a 5% chance for a ai driver to show road rage

    • break checking.
    • excessive honking.
    • smashing into other cars.
    • swerving in and out of lines.
    • cutting people off trying to force you or others off the road.
      and other actions related to road rage.
      also adding a chance for ai drivers to talk on their phones and drive slower.

  • sure, I'm looking for that kind of mod

  • @Lil_Abbass "4 years ago"

  • @-EcLiPsE- LMFAO 不不不.
    I got into trouble using WOV in The Contract DLC update thanks to @Rumblestrut he has fixed compatibility issues with The Contract DLC and now it's usable with Los Santos Drug Wars too.

    of this incident, I'm able to understand that most of the mods which are made for the contract update may be used in the drug wars update I guess.

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