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Idea - car showrooms mod - RoomNumberThree

  • I see all around lot of car showroom maps. Many differenet showrooms but only few are fully textured, mainly the floor in the best and biggest ones is lot of time just black.

    Depending on that, I'm posting idea for good map modders who can make map with all great looking textures. I think this showroom would beat all others there. It's based on real one showroom from Dubai called RoomNumberThree.

    All the photos and info can be find on his website and showroom instagram.

    If anyone start working on this, please just notice us here and good luck (:

  • Someone please make some replacement tow trucks custom tow trucks

  • @Los211 look out for tutorials on the website and find the tutorial how to use addon as replacement...you can easy use any tow truck from website as replacement and there is enough tow trucks I think (:

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