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[MAP] Requalification

  • Hey guys I'm doing this big requalification of a poor desert area, i am transforming it in a luxury city with huge villas a beautiful marina and an outlet in the freeway.
    Suggestion and tips are gladly accepted!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • The last image is how was the map before my intervention

  • It's beautiful. Nice work

  • @GTATerminal thanks man!

  • @Marco_italy Epic. Give it a name. And try to make it look as natural as possible (but you already knew that.)


    will it lag? coz most of these maps lag a lot!

  • @xedro99 It all really depends on your system.
    Since there is a bunch of new objects where previously there were none, it will cause a performance drop.

  • @Think_Tank trying to do my best dude but I have so many things to do :O however thanks 4 the suggestion to follow @OmegaKingMods and his amazing work

  • @xedro99 I have a little drop of fps but nothing big, the real issue with this map are collision! Does any of you know how I can put collision on bh1 houses or towers?

  • @Phnx ahahah funny video! Wish I could make similar to the fabulous one

  • @Marco_italy yep it's pretty easy to add these object but the hardest part is about creating the collision,
    The better way to do it (the only i know in fact ^^) is to add object with existing collision under the texture

    for exemple, for ground you can use one of the first " billboard " that is big and flat, pertty usefull for big area or a flat tower
    for house it's harder, since they're not regular, with a lot of different surface, you'll have to find object that suit the house texture and well you've a lot of choice xP

    But to be honest if you're already at 1237 props, you will probably not be able to create all collision (I recommend you to create only the bottom wall collision cause well except if they've mod or if they're falling from the sky, player should not be able to see that the top part have no collision ;)
    Also, there is a bunch of " appartement " and house with an existing collision (let you check any city map (i've made one that is using these build if you want their name ;) it would permit to give an improved look to sandy shore (well they're not especially "luxury"" but it will save you a lot of object and would still have a better look than the current sandy shore " house " ;)

    Good luck it seems cool ;)

  • @Marco_italy I also noticed that you put a lot of trees, I recommend you (and not only for this map but in general) to add the veg at the end when all the necessary is mapped
    The reason is that tree use more ressource than other object and will reduce your max prop limit in addition of lowering fps ;O
    I've been trolled some time cause of this, was mapping the veg at start and finally noticed that my save wasn't fully loaded cause the max prop limit was lowered xD

  • Thanks @Shaezbreizh useful as always! ;) I am far from completing the map, according to you is too complicated for the medium user to load a map that uses menyoo map editor and menyoo at the same time?

  • @Marco_italy Well it depend the size of the map and the kind of menyoo map and also from the config of the user so I can't really say you, personatly I never encounter any trouble or big fps lost mixing the two ;)
    (But I've a correct config so idk for medium ;S)

  • @Marco_italy this is pretty wow o.O xD

  • @Shaezbreizh I have a problem, I'm using buildings from micheal's house area and I would like to use even some of korea town ones as well but obviously if I load the map in micheal's area the korean town objects doesn't load... According to you how can I solve this?

  • @AuthorSaulAlan Thanks mate! It's an hard work (even though your cars are way more difficult to do!) I'll keep you guys updated on my work! ;)

  • @Marco_italy hum I think I see which one you want, I'm not on gta right now but will give it to you in 1 or 2 hours ;)
    (u talk of the town part between cbd and beach, where there is pictogram (idk if that korean but it's asian character ) on some build and a little kiosk ?
    If it's not these town part give a little ss ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh Yes! There are few towers and in some of these there are pictograms! I don't have problem to find buildings right now because with my method I can find them all, I have a problem in the loading of the map! Because of the issue of the building spawning in certain areas! Maybe I should divide the map into building spawning section (you have to go in micheal's house for the file requal1.xml, you have to go in korean town for requal2.xml and so on) in order to make it work

  • @Marco_italy Yes you will be forced to do it in multiple file since they will not load from michael house
    I found it :P
    Search for " Kt1_ " in the area of these building
    Have a good day ;)

  • Does someone of you know how I can split the xml file into two knowing the file I have splitted?
    I mean I have to divide the xml file into two files in order to make the objects load well and I don't know how to do it because in the file there are only the hashes and they are really troublesome!

  • @Marco_italy You can't split files :(

  • @Marco_italy
    Not sure if I well seize what you mean, but If that what I think,

    load your first map,
    then press insert
    then you can start a new map and the object of the first map will still be ingame but will not count for map editor (Insert reset script) so yo ucan save your new map without saving the first with it

    I Hope that what you were asking for ;)

  • @Shaezbreizh Perfect as always! I should mention you in the mod page when I publish it! ahah :P Thanks!

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