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How to stop spawning police from GTA Realism ?

  • I think it was GTA Realism mode which made my game spawning police cars in a big volume all around me. But it look weird when it spawn so close, then you see it come from 'nowhere' and in high speed it is much more wierd.

    So I would like to stop spawning them. Anyone have idea in what file and what line is this setting up ?


    @ArmaniAdnr dispatch.meta

  • @Reacon I try it just now, but they are still spawning. Changed both dispatch.meta for vanilla one, so it have to be another file :/


    @ArmaniAdnr look at the files realism replaces then and replace all of them with vanilla files

  • @ArmaniAdnr It is tacticalanalysis.ymt in update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune that controls the radius and such. Also look at combatbehaviors in the same directory.

  • @eshenk how to edit them please? I can't open it in OpenIV nor exported with notepad :thinking: better to say I can open it with notepad but it's just mixed marks and no continual text :thinking:

  • Found it in Real Life mod script not in Realism mods. The distance have limit on low numbers so I can't edit it enought to don't see spawning police on the screen so I turned it off there.

    But thanks for tips anyway ! :pray:

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