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Downloaded REDUX mod..is it me or?

  • While excited for the Redux arrival, i downloaded it 2 days after it came out. I am currently running the GTX 1080 founders edition card and it runs games flawlessly. But I feel like this game looks really jaggy around the edges it like the sharpness was turned all the way up.

    Here is a video I got of it, maybe im just using the wrong settings for the Redux I know it has several different options.
    6:15 is where I show the graphics option and everything seems to be on very high and what I could put Ultra on
    Am I missing anything? Or is this normal...?

  • @gtr700whp Redux isn't good as many expected it would be, and from the video of yours, You haven't turned on FXAA or MSAA. They smooth out the jagged edges.

  • Here is an updated video I updated the settings on what I left out. Seems a lot better thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Looks hella cartoonish.....ehhh

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