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Looking for a mod for my boyfrend.

  • There was a mod that improved performance by removing unnecessary clutter and objects that are not needed in the game i can't seem to find the mod if anyone finds it can you please link it thank you.

  • @princegaz
    I believe this might be the mod you are looking for.
    Note: Refer to @JonaQ's comments in the comments section for details of things removed from game & also info on fixing a parsing/syntax error in the released file (alternatively, follow the instructions below).

    The file is called 'procedural.meta' & is located here:


    You edit the file to look like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Save it & replace the original using OpenIV :thumbsup:

    Gave me ~15 fps boost when I used it & I don't miss anything it removed. One of the best optimisations I've used for GTA V :thumbsup:

  • @xxx78
    Thank you so much your a life saver he will be able to play the game better now with this mod

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