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Game crashes after a few seconds after loading in.

  • I've tried a bunch of config files and that didn't fix it. I got rid of my scripts, that didn't fix it either. I didn't touch my mods folder as my game loads in fine and there isn't any openiv errors, but after a few seconds or maybe a minute after loading in it'll crash to desktop. I know this has been posted before, but from my research nothing fixed it yet.

    Here's a video of my desktop, showing the game crashing and my log files. I don't know why my game anymore, i'm starting to get a little annoyed. And here's a screenshot of the launcher.log file.



    check dlsclist for any errors. also make sure al trainers and scripthookv etc are up to date.

    try renaming mods folder to "mods1" and see if it still crashes

  • Update -

    Ok so I redid my mods folder, I deleted it and started from scratch.
    These are the mods in my game currently:
    *Natural vision
    *Visual V
    *Realistic Blood
    *World Of Variety

    My game didn't crash this time around. Before I used all the mods above, plus the ones below. I have a feeling because my game works now, something below conflicts with one of the mods i'm using right now.


    But I ran into another problem. I am running the game at 1440p ultra and I get around 45-50fps. That isn't the problem as its completely playable. But there is at least two AI cars that keep changing their colors randomly, its like there is a texture bug somewhere. And the trainer is very slow to respond, for example I can hold down '2' on the num-pad and it takes 5 seconds to respond ingame. Here is another video showing these problems! Thanks!

  • @Flukester69 that cars is livery problem...I don't remember how I solved this problem after long time but I remember it was livery problem of changed vehicle...try to put 0_default_modkit in carvariations for that cars...if it help problem is in the tuning liveries = tuning parts or caracols.meta, but if it don't help, problem was in .ytd file of vehicle

  • @Flukester69 Open OpenIV > naviagate to mods/update/x64/dlcpack/NVR emissive/dlc.rpf/x64/texture > delete the following "penumbra.ytd" "futo.ytd" and "ruiner.ytd". Reload the game and they should be gone. Hope this helps : )

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