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Working Gym

  • I recently started a new storymode playthrough and i wondered if there could be another way to raise stats like Strength and Stamina.
    Vespucci Beach has a lots of workout possibilities and there's even a mod that allows a character to do the workout animation (but why not raise the stats while doing it?).
    There could even be sandbags like GTA San Andreas had, as an alternative to Yoga or Tennis.
    (I just cant see the three protagonists as kinds of ppl. doing yoga or playing tennis...)

    So Dumbbell for example for Strength and Sandbag for Stamina would be perfect, at least as an alternative.
    I always saw Yoga as something Michael is forced to do but he'd rather not doing it. Sandbag on the other hand i can well imagine.

    So what i'm looking for is a Mod that actually raises the Strength or Stamina skill by working out, NOT the actual character model (which doesn't change if stats raise anyways).

  • I don't know if still works, try it.

  • @NaughtyBoy
    Nice TY!
    I'm trying to find out if that mod actually raises the Characters stats or if it is just for Roleplaying.
    Waiting for the author to answer on the accoring mod comments section.

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