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Custom characters with persistent stats!

  • I have a mod idea/concept that is cool for us rp'ers:

    You chose any ped, model you want, like any other skin editor / menyoo,/ skin control / etc, but with a twist :
    You can save the exact character with a name you want.
    When you switch back to any other character, the custom character you just made will save its current health, armor, money and position in the world, so when you switch back to that character you made, it will feel like you are switching to a real protagonist :) this is a great idea for role-playing.
    For example, you have a police officer character, play with him for a bit, whenever you switch back to Trevor or any other character, the police officer dude will save its current position and money, weapons, etc.
    This way we could have a lot of protagonists instead of the main 3

  • I like the idea to be able to use any character only issue I see with it would be the fact that when you change characters you cant earn/spend money or go inside buildings, now there may be a way to. it's been a while since I tried it. But if someone could get it working right it would be great.

  • Banned

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