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idea for bug report tab.

  • Hi, I have an idea to add a bug report tab right next to the comments tab on mods page so the comments section and bug reporting are separate from one another that way mod creators can look at bugs that have been reported without digging through the comment section to see if bugs are reported.

  • Interesting idea m8, this may help the mod creators to directly know the bugs or problems faced by the users rather than looking at 50-60 comments they will have.This will also reduce the chance to have the same issue being posted more than once in comment section as with the bug tab they will know that the bug has been reported and dev would be working on it .Also the bug tab can provide a way for the user to just report a bug/paste a log/link to ingame image etc on it.

  • yes that's what I was thanking my self and have a system to where the mod creator can mart when the bug is fixed

  • @princegaz Its been a month. So has the suggestion been advised to anyone from the Global-Moderators or administrators ? The situation can be put as an example like take sollaholla - Simple Zombies mod. It has more than 3k comments 0_0.Its hard to find solution to an error which could be there in the comments sections and also I am sure that even the dev will be like lol which are the problems and which are the positive comments :) .Plus I cant find my own comment on that 3k comment section lol.

    I also do understand that the forum is made for these purposes as well reporting and finding solution but a direct bug/error tab on the mod page can or may help get solution faster as the mod creator will keep getting update at the same page.

    I do hope this idea maybe worth a try.Can someone from @Global-Moderators review this option ?If not then we might as well close the thread.

  • I like the idea and agree that it would be useful for mod authors. But, it seems like it would take much time to add what is essentially just another Comments tab with different rules. We already have the forum mod authors can use if they want bug reports posted in a specific place, and personally I think that's good enough. This is just my opinion though, and does not reflect what the administrators think about the subject (moderators have no control over the changing of the website).

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