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I was got weird or may me I'm wrong

  • seen this game first day com out until now , everyone made so much funny mod

    but I have a question after this game a few month whatever other open world game's story setting to let not this happen.

    In this gtav world is a city world like FF or other game have some village and building , can transport machine or others

    And I just don't understand why this game like a spiderman of New york City (or DC ?) of open world , why ......

    Why theres no any kid or child in this Game ? what the heck !?
    Is that the Country Law won't let any age below 11 live or inside this los santos ?
    And why no one make a kid ped mod in this game ?

  • Too many people would complain and Rockstar would probably get sued for glamourising the murder of children in a video game.

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