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[HELP] Same Handling for all cars

  • Hi there !

    Well, as you can see in the tittle, I would like to use the same handling for all my custom cars...
    Its the handling of the Old Elegy (Benny's), Its just perfect for me.
    I already tried to use Handling Injector but its not working as I want to... I dont know how to explain, but its not really the same.

    Someone know a program to do this or i need to change the fils for all my cars ? :(

    Thanks a lot !


    don't know why you'd want to do this as different vehicles require different handling but as far as i know you need to change the handling line to the name of the elegy in vehicles.meta for every car

  • @Kyzar What's the sense of having a sh*tload of cars when they drive all the same? Well each to their own, I guess.


    @Cyron43 most of them will overturn at the slightest of steering too lol

  • Cuz some of my downloaded cars are shit, really slow or not easy to drive xD
    But thanks for the help :D

  • @Kyzar said in [HELP] Same Handling for all cars:

    Cuz some of my downloaded cars are shit

    You know what I do with crap downloads?

  • I don't know ? maybe creat a new handling ?
    Btw when I said "shitty cars", im not talking about the car itself or whatever you know, a Ford is not a Ferrari so it's normal if its slow etc xD


    @Kyzar thing is tho different cars need different handling's you can't use a bus handling for say a lamborghini it don't work like that lol try find handling mods on this site for your cars

  • @Kyzar so replace every car with some type of super car and make own supercar gta version :D

    As there was told you can just easy change handling line of every vehicle in vehicles.meta files in same folder to elegy. If you would like use it for another folder, you have to just simply add elegy to the handling.meta files (most of folders have 2x meta files) of that folder and again do the first step with changing handling line in vehicles.meta.

    But again, as was told it would make weird handling for many cars because handling change the "high" and other stats of car which would make your car overturning for example.

  • Okay guys thanks for you help :D
    I will try to do some settings in one or two particular cars and see what its look like ^^

  • @Kyzar said in [HELP] Same Handling for all cars:

    I don't know ? maybe creat a new handling ?

    I toss them into the bin!

  • Actually, my cars are only Japanese cars, all Skyline, Supra and more, also the Fast And Furious pack, so I like them all you know, but the handling are so... you just cant drive this xD

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