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ymt files and addon-ped putting helmet on/off on motorcycles

  • Hey guys I need help over here. I thought that's not cool that addon-peds cannot wear helmets when on motorcycle.
    I did my digging into ymt files. First I noticed that most peds will not wear helmets when following the player on a bike but some actually do.

    When it comes to peds and props everyone talks about hash_B29BE228 section and hash_E2489C4F the one just below.
    So far I could not find out anything relevant there about triggering a hetmet when on a bike. So I used a ymt file from a ped that would wear the helmet in game to do my study.

    It has something to do with hash_09AD30FA section about anchor_head something. Ok so now here is the thing : I added that hash_09AD30FA section + the one just above (hash_E8A00D49) which is actually related to the ped audio I believe.

    And it does work, my addon-ped would put on and off an helmet when on the bike, the disappointing part is that it's totally invisible. But it's not happening if the addon-ped is installed as a replacement. So... I'm just wondering what would be missing to get the textures connected to the helmet so everything could show in game...

    I'm a total noob on this so any help would be great to solve this!

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