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Application Error - Heroku logs & (THE ERROR ?)

  • Can someone explain me what was wrong I did or spammed ?

    Post content was flagged as spam by Akismet.com

    Which is quite annoying as I tried posting in multiple ways....Neither I know or I think I cannot move a discussion to the same forum as a updated post as I cannot post it.

    and I am unable to thread the originally written discussion because it wont allow me.....

    But I will describe them as text version as I wanted to post screenshots of my screen.I am getting the application error - heroku logs again and again when I try to visit the site and I was also pasting links to previous forums on the same topic about 4 months ago.

    Unfortunately couldn't put any links.......

    This puts another question like why was my previous topic, treated as spam as I just needed to inform something to the site moderators.

    I still have all screenshots including the links and I just really want to post them for the guys to see but whatever works here.If possible can someone move this topic to appropriate thread

    Update: I still can't access the site as it keeps checking my browser and gives me error but the forum works perfectly

  • Alright all seems fixed no more long loading or error anymore for me !!! :) can someone please close this thread @Global-Moderators Thanks

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