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Broken glass screen effect?

  • Anyone know if there is a broken glass screen when getting shot effect? Like the one used in Redux?



  • I wonder this also, but I want to remove it and get the default effect back :)


    dunno maybe in mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\fxdecal.ytd or graphics.ytd

  • @ReNNie Thanks for suggestions.
    In graphics.ytd there is something called dmg_overlay_fade, and it look like broken glass in Redux files. The same file for vanilla game is in x64a-rpf\textures and it look like a large white U shaped thing.

    So to test this I took the dmg_overlay_fade from x64a-rpf\textures and put it into mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures and that changed the effect back to default, but its not red, its white. I guess there is some other files that need to change also to get the red color back. also the effect is too large compared to original, so some tweaks or something need to be done.

    Im not sure if the broken glass decal in redux is made or if it is a default decal, anyway I did not see any decal like that in fxdecal.ytd or graphics.ytd.

    Here is a pic of the decal from Redux, maybe you can find the same somewhere in original files. But as said, if you only change this I guess you will get a red broken glass effect, since I got a white blood effect changing back to default :D

    0_1535647915282_Broken glass.JPG

    If someone have tweaked the hit effect I would like to know how you changed size and color.

  • Interesting. Very interesting. I will check it out. Thanks! Surprised no one has created this mod effect yet.

    Thanks again gang.

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