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Lebron James WIP beta

  • alt textalt text
    i just tried Converted Cyberfaces from Nba2k18 Mods (c)to YWKL LBJ 2k18 if only i can fix those mesh is destroyed i hope someone have a tut on how to fix like that

  • @Tony-DC 3dsMax is not a good option for rigging Head Models, better to use Zmodeler3. If you send me the head, I can do it in Zmodeler3 for you this weekend.

  • @westcoastsosa ok mate il send you thanks for the help your so awesome need to chat you

  • alt textalt text I also tried this beckham and my my career player on nba2k18 mod

  • Lebron looks good but there is something wrong with his head, that line.

  • here's the update il try to fix the teef it will be replaced on franks head big credits to uraniom blender 3ds max gta 5mods ykwl(lbj2k18VrNba)only the head il share hope someone can rig this and make him a ped il share and its fine to remodel this just a simple credits will be finealt text

  • alt text To rlsd Head and Teef beta replaced for franklin

  • @Tony-DC You gotta fix the specular maps, I would also recommend not including the beard as a part of the head model, rig that separately as a "beard" in game. I can work on this a little more and see what results I can get.

  • im not good yet on gta modding if you can mod this on zmodeller it would be better gonna post link of file il make him obj full body with jersey its up to u guys to do what u want make him really in gta v il post a pic

  • alt text
    alt text
    I Wanted to Convert this on GTA V LBJ 2k19
    il get those of what he wears in the screenshot and i hope some can make him as a ped

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