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Euphoria Mod Crashing My Game.

  • No I don't use a pirated version of GTA V. I have the Steam Version.

    Recently I Installed the RageEuphoria Modification by downloading the 1.3.1 .OIV file and using OpenIV to install the file. It all installed correctly and I started my game. Everything goes fine, the ragdoll physics work but after a while during physical interaction the game will suddenly crash, so there isn't really a trigger apart from the euphoria physics just being used.

    I could run five people over with a car for example but it will be fine, though I might run one over and the game will suddenly crash.

    I only use NativeTrainer, Gangster mod and slow motion mod along with pedestrian riot which all work fine, but this mod seems to crash my game.

    better yet, I don't know how to uninstall the euphoria mod so effectively i can't play gta 5 anymore..

    Please help!


    Well, you can open the OIV as a zip file

    The individual folders contain the replacement meta and xml files from the mod and in the root there's a file describing which file goes where in the archives

    It's a bit of a pita but doable to rollback manually this way

  • @ReNNie I see! so how would I open the file as a Zip?

  • @ReNNie

    Alright, So I've Decided to do a manual install as I noticed not all of the files were installed even though the .OIV was what i used for automatic install



  • @ReNNie
    Turns out the mod was still crashing my game..

    it's upsetting because I haven't heard from anyone else that it is also crashing their games..

    I am going to retrace to the files, delete all of the ones that I need to in open IV then i'll verify my game files through steam.

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